Sports Achievements Design Company
Medals: a symbol of your challenges, efforts, and achievements

Sports Achievement Design Company, MEDALGO

Participate in special and varied events with Medalgo
Challenge, Achieve, and Remember.
Celebrate Your Priceless Moment Always.
As we have participated in a variety of sports experiences,
we got interested in sports souvenirs.

Then, we came up with a few questions,
“Why can’t medals be more unique and awesome?”
“How can we keep our medals cooler?”
“What if we aren’t able to join a race on that day?”

To fill those needs, we started our own company for
Distinctive Medals,
Exclusive Medal Hangers,
Korea's First Virtual Races.
The Value of
[ Finisher Medal ]
If you would like to produce the most valuable and memorable medals
for celebrating challenges and efforts of participants, please contact us.
We will take charge of your customized medals and
race visual graphic designs with the best services.
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